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Our Operating Model

Next-generation operating model for the digital world!

Digital is reshaping customer experience in almost every sector. Digital first attackers are entering markets with radically new offers, disrupting the ways that companies and customers interact and setting a high bar for simplicity, personalization, and interactivity. To not only stay in the game but capture new sources of value, incumbents will need to reinvent their customer experience.

The other imperative for companies is to explicitly tie the reinvented customer experience to their operations. We at ascendIT Consulting, after thoroughly conducting research & analysis of our consumer’s behaviour & journey have developed an autonomous operating model which help us to consistently deliver positive customer experience.

This operating model promises to be more agile, quicker to react, and more effective. It promise to deliver great customer experiences, take advantage of new technologies to cut costs, define breakthrough strategies, improve quality and transparency, and build value.

This next generation operating model is proven to build value and provide compelling customer experiences at lower cost. This operating model is a new way of delivering end-to-end digital transformation services that combines digital technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated, well-sequenced way to achieve step-change improvements in revenue, customer experience, and cost.

Image defining the 5D Operating Principles